The best way to upgrade your bathroom on a budget

Get more bang for your buck, with these simple hacks!

Renovating your bathroom on a budget can be easily achieved when planned. When you have a tight budget it is so much more important to know what materials you plan to replace, how you’re going to make your budget go as far as possible, and knowing which areas you want to keep and freshen up.

In this post, I’m going to share some easy to implicate tips & tricks which will leave you with a fantastic bathroom makeover!

If you are unsure on what your budget should be or if you should renovate an existing bathroom or add a new one to your property then follow this Link to read my post on “Should I renovate my old bathroom”.

The following hacks I’m going to share with you will allow you to evaluate your own renovation ideas and selections more closely.

This post will get you to think about the different areas you can look to cut back on & also see where to spend your money when looking at your bathroom. Therefore, having this approach will unquestionably give you more bang for your buck.

Let’s Begin!

  1. Salvaging existing tiles – Give them a makeover by cleaning off the mould! And freshen them up with a new paint colour. You can buy specialised paint that will adhere well to tiles. This hack can save you hundreds if not thousands depending on the size of your bathroom. You will save on the demolition and removal of the existing tiles, as well as obviously not needing to buy new tiles or have anyone to install them. This will also save you time within your project. Double whammy!
  2. Do not relocate the services – If you have a good layout, to begin with, stick with it. Avoiding the urge to alter the locations of the toilet, bath, basin & floor wastes this will save you a heap of cash when hiring a licensed plumber.
  3. Avoid demolishing load bearing walls – If you start removing walls that are taking the load of the structure above. This can take your renovation from basic to complicated in a heartbeat. You’ll need to seek engineering guidance and approval before you can do this. If you want to save the money I suggest you put down the jackhammer and back away slowly!
  4. Salvage existing joinery – Are the vanities and drawers still in good working order? If so, why not paint your cabinetry and add new handles to bring them back to life. Even subtle changes like handles can make the world of difference. Another tip is If the drawers are in poor condition and the carcass is good then replace the drawer fronts. Reuse what you can.
  5. Fittings & fixtures – Shopping around for bargains is essential! Do you really need big name brands with a higher price tag? There are plenty of bargains to be snapped up online nowadays and all products come with the standard warranties. When selecting these items, think about the ongoing costs do they have a good energy rating or water saving rating? Better ratings will save you money when it comes to paying the bills.
  6. Mirrored walls – Having a full sized mirror fixed to the wall not only gives the illusion of a larger room it will also save you on finishing the wall in tiles or painting.
  7. Hire a tradesman or carrying out the work yourself? – Remember cheaper is not always better when it comes to construction. If you employ professional tradespeople ensure they have the experience to carry out the works. On the other side, however, if you feel confident carrying out the majority of the works yourself. This would no doubt be your biggest saver!

This post isn’t all about save, save, save! a good bathroom renovation does require some money being spent in order to make your bathroom a more inviting and modern space.

We advise that a portion of your budget is spent on some of the finer finishes to really make your bathroom more appealing. However, these finishers do not necessarily have to come with the luxury price tag;

  1. Glass shower enclosures – They look a bazillion times better than shower curtains and plastic rails. They are also so much more inviting when walking into the room.
  2. Include a heated towel rail – They take up no room what so ever and are just so practical.
  3. Good lighting – This will make the space bright and look amazing.
  4. Ventilation – This is a must! Sometimes we have to spend money on elements that we don’t notice or see. It’s when we do notice these features is often because something is wrong. Having good ventilation will eliminate damp & mould from occurring.
  5. Shower niches – If you can afford to splurge on this extra, I recommend you too. Having shelving recessed into the wall looks great and declutters the shower & bathtub area. They save you space from having shelving protruding from the walls. Just a tip, make sure you make them big enough to fit your body wash and shampoo. 600 x 400mm is a good size.
  6. Colour selection – Interior designers often advise to aim for a good contrast of colours. This can be highlighted through accessories as well as tiling and obviously painting. Having a nice paint finish to the walls & ceiling can really bring the room to life and make it go from drab to fab with minimal effort.

Saving the best and simplest advice last. Before you start your bathroom renovation. Ensure you have everything you need in the form of fittings, fixtures, materials & tools ready to go. Plan and schedule the works and stick to your selections from the start. Avoiding delays is the best way to keep your bathroom budget to a minimum.

I hope this post has provided you with plenty to think about when it comes to your own bathroom renovation.

Start your planning process now and review your own space and see what areas you may be able to save and reuse.

Let me know if you have any other tips on how you saved money in your renovation. I’d love to hear them.

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